Legendary Rap Group Das EFX Are Looking For A New Manager on Craigslist


This posting is real, incidentally: we just got off the phone with the group’s Andre Weston, who confirmed that he’d upped the advertisement yesterday. Since then, about 50 people have contacted the duo. Why use Craigslist, a place people typically use to sell couches, and not to pick up new management in the industry they’ve been toiling in since 1988? “Shit, you saw it,” Dre explains, “and about 50 other people saw it, so I’m just taking advantage of these outlets that are out here nowadays.” He added: “We’re just trying to make a connection with whoever is out there trying to make something happen.” And what is one of the greatest rap crews of the ’90s looking for in a manager, circa 2010?

“We’re looking for someone who has maybe some experience in the industry. Someone who has half a Rolodex. We’re looking to do some shows,” Dre says. “We’re trying to get back on the scene, you know?”

Manager wanted for RAP LEGENDS (Midtown) [Craigslist via Andrew Kuo]