New York College Students Are Sad


The Princeton Review’s “Best Colleges” survey has just come out (are you paying attention, helicopter parents?!), and it turns out that New York City has some of the most depressed college kids in the nation. Whatta town!

NYU was 16th on the list of “Least Happy Students,” while Eugene Lang (the New School’s liberal arts division) was 12th. At least we’re not like the poor souls at Fisk University in Tennessee, who came in first in that category (congrats?).

SUNY Albany and SUNY Stony Brook are also sad places, which fails to surprise.

Brown came in first for happiest students. Should we have listened when our mother begged us repeatedly to apply to Brown for the entirety of our junior and senior years of high school?

Columbia and Barnard were awarded the top two spots for “Great College Towns,” while the New School and NYU were given 3rd and 4th, respectively. This doesn’t make sense because Columbia students are trapped in the West 100s, relying on the 1 train to get anywhere close to young people who aren’t in North Face jackets, while NYU and New School kids are downtown, where there is actual fun to be had/easy access to Brooklyn.

Another thing is that Barnard came in 8th for “Best Quality of Life.” Ha! (We’re bitter.) Meanwhile, the New School and Fordham apparently have bad food. Fordham junior Alex Englert confirmed that the food at Fordham’s Lincoln Center is “awful, but the Bronx campus might be better.” And Brooklyn College and Queens College are chock-full of Sober Sallies, if those ratings are to be believed.

Sigh. Better luck next year, NYC schools.