Studies in Grit: Two-Legged Lamb Stays Alive in China


We, as humans, are lucky to have two legs. If you’re a lamb, that’s not so lucky, and a defect that would usually have you marked for an early death. Yet one special two-legged little lamb born in China recently is persevering, thanks largely to his owner Cui Jinxiu, a sheep farmer who “hasn’t got the heart to slaughter him.”

Little Leggy Lamberson (what we’ve decided to call him) isn’t discouraged by his lot in life. “He was so determined to live he pulled himself up onto his own two feet and started drinking his mother’s milk,” said Cui in the Daily Express. “I couldn’t let him die.”

Now farmer and lamb are devoted to each other, and Leggy has the chance for a full, happy sheep life. What a champ! Go Leggy!

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