Teacher Fakes Stairwell Tumble to Sidestep Classroom Evaluation


Performance reviews suck for a subpar performer, but they’re even worse for a straight-up bad actor. An untenured Brooklyn teacher staged a tumble down the stairs at the High School for Innovation in Advertising and Media on the day she was scheduled to have a classroom observation, according to the Post. Kinda like playing hooky!

Ilene Feldman was already stuck with a subpar reputation from another classroom observation, and would have been eligible for dismissal for unsatisfactory ratings. School administrators actually assumed the fall was bogus when it happened — never a good sign.

Feldman, who resigned after an investigation last year that was only recently made public, said she fell because her foot stuck to a stair, possibly because of a piece of gum. Gum or no gum, the video shows the teacher going through her purse as she paused on the stairwell, apparently waiting for someone to approach, then taking the plunge.

Afterward, she filed for four days of injury compensation for missed work because of the fall. File this under, “You know you’ve chosen the wrong profession when…”