This Is How Fox News Reports on Ground Zero: By Faking It


As you can imagine, there are plenty of TV cameras and reporters in the vicinity of Ground Zero right now, reporting on the story that Al Qaeda is now allowed to open a Church of Satan/NYC-themed shake-a-snow shop on top of the exact spot the Muslims started a war with America. Especially if you’re Fox News.

Now, as all New Yorkers know:

  • The building is actually two blocks from Ground Zero.
  • There’s going to be a 9/11 Memorial in the building.
  • There were plenty of victims of the WTC attack who, yes, were Muslim.

No matter. Groups like the ADL already made up their mind about the situation, and news outlets like Fox News are out to give their outrage-advocacy a hand. One blogger, “Barthel,” observes:

Currently hanging out down by the “mosque at Ground Zero.” Lotsa media, of course. But while most outlets are doing their shoot in front of the building itself, Fox News has pointed their cameras toward the CUNY construction site cattycorner to that block, giving the impression that the community center is located right next to Ground Zero — even though the CUNY building between Park and Barclay was only knocked down a few months ago. The construction site they’re showing you isn’t the WTC, it’s just a construction site.

And see that picture on the upper-right corner of this post? Give it a click to see how Fox News works, in all of their glory. Maybe they’re just trying to get some “Jew Support” on their side after Glenn Beck compared a Jewish leader’s “worldview to that of the Nazis.” But probably not. This is probably standard operating procedure.