What’s the Plot of Burlesque?


Burlesque is the fascinating-sounding film coming out in November starring two people who started in the musical arena, Oscar winner Cher and Grammy winner Christina Aguilera.

Without Googling what the hell it’s about, let’s come up with possible plots of our own — storylines that can make this unlikely combo work, just for fun’s sake.

I’ll start:

It’s the 1960s.

Cher is an ex-burlesque star who hung up her tassles to devote her life to finding respectability via raising her daughter, Christina Aguilera.

Christina’s currently excelling in law school, and Cher is so proud that her little apple strayed so far from the tree.

But ‘Xtina has an announcement to make:

“I’m dropping out, mama! My burning dream is to take it all off and revive burlesque! I want to be just like you!”

Cher is horrified, but eventually gets with the program, helping design her daughter’s skimpy outfits while instructing her on the requisite shakes and shimmies.

The film ends with a mother-daughter bump-and-grind and a revelation that there’s a third stripper on the way — Tina’s pregnant!

By Cher’s young boyfriend!

Anyway, your plot ideas?