A New York Rally On Prop. 8 Day


Whether Prop. 8 is upheld or shot down today in California, we’re going to take to the streets and be vocal about it.

Make way for either a big, old gay block party or a defiant protest.

The groups Queer Rising and MENY (Marriage Equality New York) are having a “Prop. 8 Day of Decision Community Gathering” tonight from 7 to 9 at the New York City Supreme Court at 60 Centre Street.

“We will take the fight from California and bring it to NYC,” they said in a release yesterday.

Speakers will include New York politicians, clergy, couples affected by the Prop. 8 decision, and grassroots organizers.

Attendees will include you and me because we’d better start speaking up about this thing or we’ll never get that right back.

And if the decision is positive, let’s go anyway and dance a jig.