Barack Obama Turns 49 and a Lot of Things Are Right With the World


Birthdays should be spent in happiness and celebration, and the news cycle did just that for our Nation’s President today. Causation vs. correlation be damned! We lay all the day’s good news in one blog post in honor of the 44th President’s big day. Think of it as our version of a birthday card, Barry.

  • Prop. 8 Overturned! Think of how many San Francisco gays will share their engagement anniversary with your day of birth.
  • BP Oil Well Killed! The Gulf of Mexico has two fiestas worth celebrating!
  • GoogleWave Died! Their whisper in the virtual wind will gratuitously blow out your candles for you.
  • A-Rod Hit 600th home-run! A real slammer for the President!
  • No More Thin Pretzel Ads! Michelle Obama’s child obesity campaign will be pleased!
  • Kanye West Bought a Neon Suit! Obviously doesn’t need commentary.
  • Taylor Swift Releases New Single! We had to be fair and balanced.

Happy Big 4-9, Obama! A truly progressive birthday. Here’s an entirely *blue* birthday cake: