Growing up, we were always trying to master the armpit fart, but could never get it right. If only we’d worked a little harder, perhaps we could have joined the ranks at The International Body Music Festival, who excel in the art of body music—yes, music made using only your body (though don’t get any weird or gross ideas!). So what sort of music can we expect exactly? According to body music “pioneer” Keith Terry, body music consists of clapping, slapping, snapping, stepping, and vocalizing. Slapping? Ouch. The show includes performances by the Oakland-based Slammin All-Body Band, which uses inspired beatboxing, soul-stirring vocalists, three dancers rooted in jazz and funk, and the Brazilian Barbatuques, which features a “circle orchestra” made up of 12 musicians playing original compositions.

Thu., Aug. 12, 7:30 p.m., 2010