Ghastly Chinatown Date-Killer Found Guilty


Michael Chin Lenahan, the guy who killed his date in 2007 and kept her body in his bed for two days afterward, has been found guilty of second-degree murder. The whole story is horrifying enough to make one never want to go on a date in New York again.

For those who don’t know the story: Lenahan, whom the Post describes as a “coke-addled self-described artist,” went on a date with Lorna Santiago which consisted of dinner and a visit to a strip club, where Lenahan bought Santiago lap dances. Already a weird fucking date, right?

But it gets so much worse. Post-date, they went back to Lenahan’s Chinatown apartment (where he lived with his grandmother) and got into some kind of argument. Lenahan strangled Santiago to death and put her body in his bed — where it stayed for the next two days — while Lenahan “accessed web sites on how to preserve a dead body…and visited sadomasochistic websites,” according to the Post.

Lenahan proceeded to brag to his neighbor about having a girl in his bed and used Santiago’s credit card to buy booze. His grandmother found the body two days after the murder.