Justin Bieber’s Hairdo Is Catching on!


And not just with lesbians!

As proof of this, some blowdryer company just sent me info on their product, along with a warning — I mean a notice — that it can be easily used to create “the Bieber.”

You know, the windswept, comb-forward, comb-sideways, comb-every-which-way-but-loose rag doll look that could make a teen look like he’s balding.

Or like she’s balding.

But at least it covers your forehead.

For that reason, I only recommend “the Bieber” for old people who have run out of money and can’t afford the Botox anymore.

If anyone else comes at me with that ‘do, I will personally place them on the next cattle car back to Canada.

But hold everything! It’s just been announced that a feature film is being made about Justin’s life!

“The Bieber” in 3-D?

That blows!