Katie Couric Coldly Mocks the Names of Sarah Palin’s Beloved Children (Video)


According to Conservatives4Palin (know your source!) Katie Couric was caught deliberately, shamelessly, and EXPLOSIVELY mocking the names of Sarah Palin’s little kiddos in a video of Couric prepping for air on the day McCain announced Palin as his VP running mate. Which goes against Hallowed Principal 114 regarding family values: Thou shalt not mock the names of God’s children, regardless of how ridiculous they may be. Trig? Track? Wil-Bristo-Pipe? We are all alike in Jesus’s love.

Conservatives4Palin identify the evildoing in this video as such:

Couric says “where the hell do they get these [names]?…” At that point the producer running the sound board shut off the sound because he or she didn’t want to have Couric’s disdainful and contemptuous view of Governor Palin’s children captured on even an internal CBS tape that they never expected would see the light of day. You can tell this by the “OMG!” reaction of the CBS news employees who were in the control room as Couric said that about the Governor’s kids.

Also, CBS totally focused on “moose burgers, her kids, her being a former beauty queen and being on the cover of Vogue,” as opposed to the impressive stuff she did, like turning in the leader of her own party in Alaska for corruption and letting go of the governor’s personal chef and private jet.

According to Conservatives4Palin:

It’s evident Couric and CBS had an agenda here: They wanted to diminish Governor Palin because her impressive record of accomplishments towered over the non-existent record of the guy at the top of Democrat ticket.

It’s true, Obama was never on the cover of Vogue, only Men’s Vogue. Awkward!

Still, we’d say that it’s possible that Katie Couric really did just forget the names of Sarah’s kids (notice how she can’t find something else at the beginning of the clip?), and that moose burgers and beauty pageants simply make for good TV, as do winks and “Golly gee/Aw shucks” moments.

But watch for yourself and decide.

Hang in for 4:17, when Katie attempts to pronounce “Wasila,” and, in doing so incorrectly, completely undermines the entire state of Alaska.