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NYC: Now With More Millionaires Than Ever


Recessions are only for the weaker sort. Truly successful folks aspire and inspire during a recession, turning their pennies into more pennies. Or gold pennies. Or lemonade, or something. At any rate, the Metro Wealth Index, created by consulting firm Capgemini (at least several millionaires there, we’d guess) say that the New York City millionaire population is up. Good to know.

In fact, there are even more of these mysterious bemonied creatures thriving in our midst — 667,200 of them! — since 2007, formerly thought to have been the very best environment for millionaire growth and development. Greater numbers of the species populate New York now than L.A., Chicago, and D.C., which makes sense, because wouldn’t you pick New York if you were a millionaire?

The population of New York City, by the way, is eight million, which means that millionaires can easily blend in with non-millionaires among bus shelters, on the subway, and in the shadows of tall buildings so as not to be discovered by millionaire trackers. Some clues, if you’re on the lookout for one:

• They are shy, except when they go to the Hamptons.
• They can be distinguished by their monocles, top hats, and slight pear shape, along with a dapper demeanor.
• They subsist on diets of caviar, champagne, shrimp cocktail, and cigars, plus the occasional slice from World-Famous Original Ray’s Pizza.
• They make you call them Daddy. (Especially if they’re billionaires.)
• They love game shows! And dating shows! And ridiculous schemes!
• They are just like us, except they have more money.

Happy hunting!

[via DNA Info]

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