The Escalade Is the Most-Stolen Car, But Whose Would You Jack?


In the choice between going big or going home, if you’re stealing a car, you’ve already opted to go pretty big. With that in mind, it’s not surprising that car thieves don’t chintz — they go straight for the Cadillac Escalade SUV, the most likely vehicle to be stolen, according to an insurance industry group and reported by the AP.

The least likely cars to be snatched, by the way, are family vehicles like the Volvo S80 (Hi mom!), Saturn Vue, Nissan Murano, Honda Pilot, and Subaru Impreza. None of which are nearly as exciting as the celebrity-adored Escalade. But which celebrity Escalade is the best of them all?



(which has some injuries, and a Twitter)



Oh, whatever, let’s face it, we really want this one:

And so does Britney.