Why Artisanal Ice Cream Is So Pricey; Best Resto Jobs in NYC


Despite so many low-fat and dairy-free ice cream alternatives available, Americans still prefer plain vanilla ice cream.

Meanwhile, ever wonder how artisanal ice cream can be more expensive than prime rib eye? Vendors say it’s the top-quality ingredients.
[NY Times]

Taco Bell’s new line of Cantina Tacos is inspired by street food, including beef carne asada and pork carnitas, served with chopped onion, cilantro, and a lime wedge.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

For the first time ever, wheat bread sales have surpassed those of white bread, although white bread is still first in terms of volume.
[NY Daily News]

Reflecting on Cheez Doodles: New Yorkers have more cheesy snack options than, say, Angelenos, some of whom have never even heard of Cheez Doodles.
[NY Times]

Bouley, Craft, and Ditch Plains are some of the best restaurants in the city to work in for their benefits and opportunities for upward mobility.
[Time Out]

It turns out that meat from the offspring of a cloned animal was indeed sold in Britain. Apparently, it came from embryos harvested from a cloned cow in the United States.
[NY Times]

New York apple farmers are looking for the next big thing to rival the Honeycrisp. New apples blend existing varieties, like the SweeTango: part Honeycrisp, part Zestar.
[Wall Street Journal]