Anthony Bourdain May or May Not Read Your Essay


Anthony Bourdain’s essay contest — “What does it mean to cook food well?” — was announced to the blogosphere earlier this summer. There was no monetary prize; the winner would be published in the paperback of his book Medium Raw. Eater called him out on not paying fellow writers and he responded by offering cash money: $10,000.

So what’s the latest?

There are 1,255 entries, folks, and the contest goes till September 30. Bourdain encourages you to vote and comment, but how to separate the wheat from the chaff?

It’s true that a panel of editors will be selecting finalists, and that Tony the Tiger will pick a winner from among the entries, but if you’re in this thing to get attention from him, good luck! He has apparently only commented on four entries, and with titles like “My Hell, My Kitchen,” “Reflections of a Husky Italian,” and “Tough Pork,” these almost read like a litany of topics in which he’s already interested. If there are gems in there or you have a strategy to get your entry picked, drop us a line.