Gardeners Storm City Hall; Kombucha Back on Shelves


Gardeners rallied outside City Hall in response to the city’s proposed rules that will soon govern roughly 300 community gardens in an effort to ensure the gardens remain open. [Wall Street Journal]

Kombucha maker Vibranz is the first producer to be back on the shelves at Whole Foods after the supermarket chain pulled kombucha over fears of too-high alcohol content. [AP]

Brooklyn native Corey Taylor’s “Goodies Galore” tour of Lower East Side desserts was voted third best sweets attraction in the country, beating out Ben & Jerry’s and Coke tours. [NY Daily News]

A roundup of artisanal takes on classic New York foods includes Sigmund Pretzelshop’s pretzels, Brooklyn Farmacy’s egg creams, and bagels from Vic’s Bagel Bar. [NY Post]

A New York food writer has been arrested on charges of labor trafficking and sexual abuse, after allegedly being caught luring young women from overseas. [Huffington Post]

An Upper East Side family is launching Chozen, a line of kosher ice creams, including one flavor called Matzoh Crunch, made with bits of matzoh. [NY Post]

What will happen to the infamous Frank Gehry-designed cafeteria when Condé Nast moves from 4 Times Square to its new home at One World Trade? [Wall Street Journal]