Kobayashi Cleared: Charges Against Hot-Dog-Eating Champ Dropped


The government of the people, by the people, and for the people has proven itself adept to knowing the people’s will, as charges against The People’s Hero — some tiny Japanese guy who could eat an entire fraternity for lunch — have been dropped as of today, according to the New York Daily News.

Apparently, Takeru Kobayashi wasn’t allowed to compete in the hot-dog-eating championship this summer and bum-rushed the stage when his competitive eating “arch nemesis” — the term that was actually used by the Daily News to describe a guy who is actually named “Joey Chestnut” — won the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition. Here’s some video of him getting arrested:

You should click on the NYDN piece if only to see the priceless post-court victory photo of what’s clearly a happy man, or for choice word selection like:
  • “Gagged.”
  • “Gobble.”
  • “Ruckus.”
  • “A yen for steak.”
  • “The Japanese jawer.”
  • “The weiner-eating contest.”

Your other option is to click here and remember that over 6M people have died from hunger in the world this year, and that there are currently 1,026,645,566 undernourished people in the world right now. Not to be a downer or anything. But good for this guy. Maybe he’ll get to win $200,000 for eating a bunch of hot dogs next year, and reclaim his title.


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