Please Complete This Survey While a Huge Rat Comes Directly Toward Your Face


As rats continue their campaign to take over New York City, we’re left wondering how we can take action. One way is by filling out State Senator Bill Perkins’ survey, “Have you seen a rat today?,” while an enormous kinda-almost 3-D Photoshopped rat looks you right in the eye. Is that a challenge, big guy? (Super-hilarious if you click on the link.)

The survey can be taken online or filled out on paper. It asks you how often you see rats (every damn day, Jesus H. Christ); where you see them in the subway (options include “in train”); and how you would rate the rat problem on a scale of “there is no rat problem” to “state of emergency.”

We can only imagine what a “state of emergency” rat situation would look like…or, wait, maybe we’ve seen it (rat zoo, anyone?). Related: Are rats really getting “in train” now? Unlimited MetroCards or pay-per-use?

If you still have yet to be horrified today, here’s a video of rats having a picnic in the subway.

(via Gothamist)