Presenting: The Greenest Block in Brooklyn


Congratulations, Vanderveer Place between Flatbush Avenue and East 23rd Street in Flatbush: you’ve been crowned the Greenest Block in Brooklyn by the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, regaining the title after not winning since 1997.

Vanderveer Place beat out 200 other neighborhoods to claim the title, being judged in eight categories “including garden maintenance, creativity and, most important, participation.”

Apparently the key to this block’s success was its superlative mulching technique. According to City Room, “The wise gardeners of Vanderveer Place maintained the perfect medium: trees surrounded by mulch carefully separated from the trees’ roots.” Bravo!

The block association gets $300 for winning, which seems rather measly for a whole block to share, but hey. That’s a few bags of Miracle-Gro. Let’s take a look at the block on Google Street View.

…What’s that? There is no Google Street View for Vanderveer Place? Conspiracy! Maybe it’s because while it looks like this on one side…

Woah! It’s like urban geography’s version of a “butterface”! Either way, they should do this in the other boroughs too. And then the winners of each borough could face off in the ultimate mulching deathmatch.