Target Is Still Getting Targeted for Homophobia


Target finally opened a store in Manhattan a few weeks ago, but it couldn’t have been worse timing since their support of homophobic Minnesota politician Tom Emmer leaked out just moments later.

We don’t go for that kind of thing here!

Until then, the Target chain had seemed gay-friendly and sort of pro-artsy and semi-downtowny in a dollar-store sort of way.

So this came as a complete shock, and as a result, potential shoppers have put down their inexpensive throw rugs and mobilized to protest.

The Facebook group “Boycott Target Until They Cease Funding Anti-Gay Politics” had over 34,000 followers last time I looked.

Should we join the boycott?

And while we do so, should we look into the campaign contributions of every store we might go to?

Will I be stuck only shopping at those corner fruit stands?