BP Will Probably Drill in the Gulf Again, After This Mess Blows Over


Um, too soon? BP took the opportunity today — as crews plan to seal the damaged well via an 18,000 foot relief well — to tell us that they’ll probably drill again right in the same place where millions of gallons of oil have leaked into the Gulf. Because, after, all, there’s still a lot of money to be made!

“There’s lots of oil and gas here,” Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles said at a news briefing, via NPR. “We’re going to have to think about what to do with that at some point.”

Well, if there’s really $4 billion worth of crude down there, and what with BP owing billions in liabilities, would we expect any differently? This is called a Catch-22.

The good news: “all the indications” in regards to the well’s death “look very encouraging.”