Celebrity-Spotting Restos; Future Fridges




This week in food blogs:

Eater had its annual Shitshow Week, chronicling the year’s biggest restaurant clusterfucks.

Grub Street got the sad news that Il Buco would cancel its beloved pig roast for the first time in six years due to NIMBY resistance.

Feast listed its favorite places for gawking at celebs, including Balthazar, the Spotted Pig, and Standard Grill.

Diner’s Journal answered the age-old question “Do I need furniture to throw a party?”

Midtown Lunch apologized to Xie Xie for suggesting it was depriving customers of A/C to save money. It was really just repairing the system.

Serious Eats hosted a Korean fried chicken face-off, pitting Kyochon against Mad for Chicken.

Slashfood talked to Darryl Strawberry about his new sports bar: “I’m a people person — I’m not just going to stand around in the background and make a living off of it.”

Atlantic Food noted that the beef industry is dabbling in a little illegal lobbying.

The Food Section took a look at a futuristic refrigerator that is made of a biopolymer gel (read: green jelly) designed to keep food cool through luminescence.