Larry Kramer: Streisand Is a Big Hypocrite


Barbra Streisand released a statement about how she’s been kvelling over the ruling that reversed Proposition 8, but that was yesterday.

Today my mailbag shows that activist/author Larry Kramer isn’t having it.

Larry vividly remembers how Babs was supposed to direct a movie of his 1985 play The Normal Heart back when it could have made a huge difference, but she never got around to it.

Instead, Larry notes, the high-flying auteur went on to make far less urgent fare like Nuts and The Mirror Has Two Faces.

He feels that when gays were in “the sewer of death,” Barbra could have really made a statement and impacted gay rights rather than give lip service to it decades later, when a celebrity backing the gays is as commonplace as a Meet The Fockers sequel.

Larry also feels that since her son is HIV-positive, Barbra should have been far more sociopolitically astute.

But The Normal Heart is currently being made into a film by someone else, so little Larry is happy at last.