Morning Links: Natural Disasters, Test-Tube Babies Having Babies, West Nile Virus, and More!


• 85 people were killed in Indian Kashmir after a sudden downpour and flash flooding. [Guardian]

•  Mount Karangetang, a volcano in Indonesia, erupted, badly injuring several people and leaving four missing. [Yahoo]

• The 911 call of Omar Thornton, the Manchester, CT, beer distributor employee who killed eight of his coworkers on Monday, has been released. He was “calm” in the 4-minute call and talked about wanting to have killed more people. [HC]

• Wyclef Jean announced his candidacy for Haiti’s presidency last night on Larry King. [CNN]

• A-Rod, Cameron Diaz, and Gwyneth went for a helicopter ride. [Capital]

• America’s first test-tube baby had her own baby. In other weird news, she happens to be a journalist. [PO]

• Will anyone show up for Charlie Rangel’s birthday party? [NYT]

• The first case of West Nile has been reported in NYC. [NBC NY]