Nazis Loved Them Some Fanta … Why the Heck Does the Rest of the World?


Ever wonder why Fanta is so popular in other countries? It has a huge following in Europe, Latin America, and Africa, where it’s second only to Coke. But here, it’s eclipsed by more than half a dozen more popular brands. Slate has an interesting piece on the history of Fanta and why its fan base is strongest outside the U.S.

The original Fanta was made by the German head of Coca-Cola when Coke was no longer available in Germany. It contained a bunch of crap, according to Slate, including “leftovers from cheese production, the remains of apples that had been pressed for cider, and whatever surplus fruit” could be acquired from Italy. Europe got Orange Fanta in 1955, and the U.S. got it in the ’60s, but it was pulled from store shelves in the mid-’80s due to poor sales. An aggressive (and annoying) marketing campaign in the early 2000s boosted sales, but the brand will surely never be as popular as die Führer intended.