Roasted Tomato, Cheddar, and Onion Frittata Breakfast Sandwich at ‘Wichcraft


‘Wichcraft is basically one step away from fast food, yet it is probably our favorite chain in the city, managing to create reliably delicious, balanced sandwiches at near assembly-line speeds.

The place accomplishes this mainly by buying good bread, quality cheese, and the like, and piling them together in smart proportions. Take the vegetarian breakfast sandwich ($6.50): It’s basically a full breakfast on a ciabatta roll, and yet it functions perfectly as a sandwich.

The thing is anchored by a slab of caramelized onion frittata, but it’s the roasted tomato spread that makes it particularly tasty — a thick, sticky sludge packing a savory-sweet punch. Sharp cheddar melted on both halves of the roll completes the package.

‘Wichcraft: Various locations