Special Announcement: A Runnin’ Scared Staffing Change, Or “Fly on, Albatross!”


It’s Friday, and we here at Runnin’ Scared have an exciting, bittersweet staffing announcement to make to cap this week off with. One of our own is moving on.

Annie Werner — or as she’s known around here by her birth name, “Intern Annie” — is leaving the Runnin’ Scared roost. 🙁

Annie, a rising Junior at NYU, was Runnin’ Scared’s very first intern, as she came to us from BlackBook in May to learn from the very best, and earn a little college credit along the way. Sad as we are to see our hatchlings fly, away, away they must go, so they may use the aerodynamic wings they’ve grown here, and fly, fly like the majestic birds of flight they are. Better that than raising geese only to see them gassed by The System. Or ending up with some kind of Tom-Riddle-to-Voldemort-esque transformation resulting in them becoming commercial flight terrorist-birds. Figuratively, of course. [In this metaphor, for the record, that’s a job at, like, Fox News.]

But time and time again, Annie has proven herself a majestic blogging bird of flight. And we’re proud to announce that as of today, Annie has scored the singular, coveted paid internship at Tumblr. This would make her Tumblr’s first intern, and the second woman on Tumblr’s staff. Ratios are being changed!

If you’re not familiar with them, Tumblr is the ever-expanding microblogging tech company profiled in the New York Times business section this week, which was before Wednesday, when Time Out: New York named it one of the best places to work in this city! [MEMO TO TUMBLR FOUNDER DAVID KARP: If it’s not, WE WILL KNOW.] So it figures that, while they’re on a roll, this caps off their week. The media/microblogging convergence/revolution continues!

Annie has expressed her desire to keep helping out here at Runnin’ Scared, something we’re obviously not opposed to. We think this might be a nice project for her, but we’ll be sorting that out in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, it appears we’ll soon be bringing on another intern. Requirements: Know how to blog, want to blog, be in college, and be able to get credit for interning with us. It doesn’t pay in cash, but it does pay in college credit, and also, crazy power, influence, and cachet, as evidenced here. But seriously, if you’re interested, give us a very special and compelling shout. And a big congrats and godspeed to Annie, from us. We’re proud and psyched for you.

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