Street Vendors Still Scared of Rudy Giuliani: “You Don’t Mess With His Little Girl”


In the aftermath of the Caroline Giuliani shoplifting incident, what has surprised us hasn’t been the fact that she shoplifted (seems like a clear case of Winona Ryder Syndrome, paired with an array of “Getting Back at Daddy” issues, not that we’re therapists or anything).

What’s surprising is how incredibly hush-hush everyone has been, with little bits and pieces of info trickling in over three whole days. Odd in this Twitter-friendly 24-hour-news-cycle thing we’ve got going.

Caroline, by the way, was wearing a coat during the incident — curious on a 90-something-degree day, unless you’re trying to shoplift, which denotes a certain amount of pre-planning, no? Although she did also have $320 in her wallet. So maybe it was a spur of the moment decision and the coat was just a bad choice for these dog days of summer? Maybe she lives in a windowless apartment like us?

Maureen O’Connor at Gawker rounds up some more of the salient details. Biggest question…What did she allegedly steal?

“$40 Dior Skinflash primer sheer, a $22 Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream, a $10 Sephora brand Refillable Rollerball and three $3.50 snag-free elastics.”

Whew, we feel better knowing that.

Anyway, even that rather banal info took two days for the Daily News to get. Because Giuliani is scary! Evidence: The NYC street vendors who saw the incident go down were too freaked to talk because of Giuliani’s impact on the city (and their jobs) years ago.

“You don’t mess with his little girl,” one said to an amNY reporter who was on the scene. Understood.

And in that vein, Sephora declined to press charges.

Of course, being “scared of Giuliani” comes part and parcel with enjoying a certain amount of schadenfreude in relation to his daughter’s arrest, until we’re reminded that she’s 20, and that her family has a whole mess of tortured history to contend with, and it’s all rather sad, really.

I mean, sure, it’s all fun and games when your dad’s mayor of New York City. Except, not.
The Manhattan DA’s office has until August 30 to decide if they want to pursue the case.

Giuliani is scary, evidence #2: Remember when Giuliani tore that poor ferret dude to shreds? Remember when it was animated? That was some healthy schadenfreude, there.

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