Sephora To Press Charges Against Giuliani’s Daughter, Keep This Fame Train Rolling


Despite initially opting not to cooperate with an investigation, the cosmetics company will now file charges against ex-Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s estranged daughter Caroline, a 20-year-old Harvard senior and aspiring actress, the Daily News is reporting. Caroline, who was carrying over $300 in her wallet, tried to walk out with $150 in beauty products on Wednesday, but was caught and booked, eventually turning the whole thing into an epic stunt by leaving the police station looking better than she entered — sly and sexy. Should the DA decide to pursue the case, that means more court dates, more tabloid covers, more photos, more exposure. For probation? Sick deal.

Nearly 99% of all 11,022 petty larceny arrests in the borough were prosecuted last year, the DA’s office said. Only 135 of all those cases were not pursued.

First-time offenders, like Giuliani, comprise nearly half of all prosecuted cases.

On one hand, it’s nice to see the prissy progeny thrown in with the riffraff. She’s not being made an example of — she’s not famous enough for that — she’s just not having any strings pulled in her favor. On the other hand, look at that smirk. She’s winning by looking good in public. We’re not talking hard time here, but she is sticking it to Daddy. It’s not even drunk driving or drugs — no one was in danger! And she’s in good company.

Let’s just say don’t be surprised if she’s a few pounds thinner and rocking a fresh hair cut at her August 31st court date. Call it planning: she’ll be a college senior in September and reality shows don’t grow on trees. Book deals, talk show appearances, etc.

Caroline’s older brother Andrew had nothing but kind words for his troublemaking little sister:

“I have full faith in her. She is an extremely hard worker and extremely intelligent,” he told The News.

“I think in the coming weeks and months people will see it.”

See it? I bet they will.