New Yorkers Chill Out in Park Ave. Dumpsters


Saturday afternoon kicked off the much-anticipated NYC’s Summer Streets series, which for the third consecutive year saw Park Avenue and surrounding areas closed to cars from the Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park and free for motor-less roaming. Most importantly, though, the event featured the now legendary NYC dumpster pools, a concept which the Times referred to last summer as “sexy.” Now, they’ve gone mainstream. So, how’d it go?

Swimmingly, it seems:

Three former garbage receptacles transformed into swimming pools created some summer fun for hundreds of New Yorkers, who lined up in the middle of Midtown to take the plunge.

“It was a little chilly but fun and kind of magical,” said Lenna Nepomnyaschy, 43, a Manhattan professor.

An eight-year-old offered a similar sentiment: “It was so fabulous.” But leave it to New Yorkers to never be grateful with what they’ve given. “I have another suggestion for Mayor Bloomberg,” remarked one visitor, “hot tubs in the winter.”

Need to cool down a bit? Make a splash in a dumpster pool on Park Avenue [via Daily Intel]