With Wifey Away, Obama Hosts Ballin’ BBQ White House Weekend


When you turn 49 and run the free world, you can have whatever kind of birthday you want. For Barack Obama it lasts all week long and he’s flying solo. With Michelle and the girls out of town, it’s an “all-sports-all-the-time” birthday-weekend barbecue at the White House, featuring celebs and, of course, troops, lest he be accused of having too much fun. The president’s birthday was Wednesday, but on Sunday he’s bringing out the big guns, hosting NBA players Grant Hill and Shane Battier for some pick-up basketball. Fade-away, perfect.

Via the Washington Post:

The president is known for throwing a few elbows on the court and for having a fierce determination to win. But the 6-foot-2 commander in chief may have his work cut out for him. Hill and Battier are both 6-8.

That sounds like a challenge. But that’s not all. It’s golf, too, and hopefully he fared better than Tiger:

He spent four hours at the Andrews Air Force Base golf course Saturday with old friends from Chicago and Hawaii, including Wahid Hamad, Laurent Delanney, Marvin Nicholson, Greg Orme, Bobby Titcomb, Michael Ramos, Marty Nesbitt and Eric Whitaker.

Basketball, though, is key in the Obama White House with the Post calling the sport’s resurgence under B.O. “something of a renaissance.” The commander-in-chief wants LeBron next. Maybe next year, for the big 5-0, Mr. President.