All Kneel Before Patricia Neal


The great Hollywood actress just died at age 84, leaving behind a legacy of fine work and spunky living.

1963’s Hud should be put in a time capsule for her performance alone.

Neal played Alma, the divorced housekeeper who was reluctant to get involved with another creep, even though good-for-nothing Hud (Paul Newman) exudes obvious allure and a nice chest.

Her wit, sexiness, and complexity in the role add up to one of the times the Oscars really got it right.

Off-screen, she was a firecracker, too, fighting strokes and finding her way back to health and dignity, helped by her husband Roald Dahl.

But Roald wasn’t a total Dahl. He eventually cheated on Neal with a younger woman!

And the woman happened to be a friend of Neal’s that she’d invited to stay at the house!

That was the bitter end of the marriage, and he didn’t even have a nice chest.

Still, last year, I saw Pat Neal vigorously promoting Fantastic Mr. Fox, written by the late Dahl.

Like I said, the woman was a spunk festival!