As Seen in Williamsburg: August Is Making New Yorkers Crazy


Is it just us, or do people seem a little on edge these days? For, example, there’s the Upper West Sider out for paint who headbutted a PA who wouldn’t let him walk through a movie set this weekend — and the neighbors who seem to think he should get a key to the city. Or the flight attendant who evacuated via emergency escape slide after a fight on a JetBlue plane today. Or the loincloth-clad individual above captured by a tipster at 2:45 a.m. Sunday morning outside of Bedford bar Spike Hill.

Yeah, let’s look at that again.

Before the guy could, um, do whatever he was going to do with his phallic accoutrements (two apples, one carrot), a homeless guy ran over and kicked the “art” away. Says our tipster Peter Siesennop, “Then they kind of fought, but didn’t. Then he laid/swam on the roof of a cab.”

According to Candi, a bartender at Spike Hill, despite the distinctive visual flair of the man’s so-called performance art, “He is a dangerous guy …He attacked me and whipped a beer at my face. The next night, he broke a broom over someone’s head and got arrested.”

Note to self: Avoid men in loincloths for the forseeable future, or at least until September, minimum.