Blog Saves Dog, Inspires ‘Oh God.’


“Jesus fucking Christ: servicey and stupid” is how ANIMAL NY blogger Bucky Turco alerted me to Gothamist’s post on how they helped return a dog to its owner via the magic of microchip technology, echoing a common seven-year long critique of Gothamist’s operations. After taking note of his heartless (but consistent!) demeanor, Bucky responded that his cynicism for this kind of thing comes from an aversion to a dystopian Big Brother-like society, but capped off our short exchange with on a positive, constructive note for Gothamist publisher Jake Dobkin:

Jake should get one put in his baby.

And that, folks, is one of the great editorial minds of New York’s digital landscape at work. This is content gold, and as far as I know, the idea is now Dobkin’s for the taking. Pageviews forthcoming.