Comedian Finds Bankers’ Huggability Index Is Subprime


New Yorkers have a reputation for a lot of things; spontaneous hugging is not among them. The huggability index, low throughout Manhattan, nosedives even farther around Wall Street, where crisp business suits make hugging a difficult maneuver and no one wants to hug each other anyway (the recession is the ultimate hug-libido killer). Nonetheless, one stalwart comedian, Rob Lathan, set out to test his hugs in the Financial District. Think he had any luck?

He mostly heard denials, laughs, and the occasional f-bomb, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Metropolis blog. Though it stands to reason that bankers could use a few hugs, few accepted the mildly creepy offer.

Lathan, who has a history of comedic PDA with hipsters (far more affectionate than bankers) and escalator high-fives, even dubbed his downtown squeezes the “subprime hug” and “insider trading hug,” speaking the local lingo to bridge the gap. It didn’t work.

Watch Lathan hug bankers:


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