Das Racist And The Pitchfork Reviews Reviews Guy Are Speaking At Happy Ending Friday Night


Never too early to begin planning your weekend, so alongside the New Yorker (!), let us draw your attention to Refresh Refresh Refresh, the reoccurring lecture/reading series at Happy Ending on the L.E.S. wherein online dignitaries regale us with “the stories of what happens in the moments between emails, IMs, and blog posts.” Friday’s crew: Simon Rich, Emily Gould, Jess Manners, Mr. Pitchfork Reviews Reviews (looking forward to the deleted-scene Obama anecdotes), and timeless SOTC obsessions Das Racist. (Let Jim Jones crash this thing too, guys!) Oughta be fascinating, but we gotta ask: What would it take to coax Carles onstage for something like this? Anything we can do to help?