Emma Thompson Trashes Audrey Hepburn


Nanny McWhatever Emma Thompson is writing a new version of My Fair Lady, and while talking about it in interviews, she’s been taking the opportunity to deride fellow Oscar winner Audrey Hepburn, who starred in the original film version.

Thompson calls the screen legend “twee, mumsy, and really couldn’t act.”

I have no idea what any of that means except “really couldn’t act,” but I happen to feel Audrey was a fine movie actress.

Yes, she was usually perky and chipper and surfacey, but those are the characters she played to perfection — and besides, when asked to do pathos (like in Two for the Road or especially Breakfast at Tiffany’s), she delivered in spades, proving she was way more than just a model-turned-actress who knew how to work the camera.

I even liked her in My Fair Lady — her transformation was sublime — and feel people only turned against her in that because she had taken the part from Broadway’s Julie Andrews and also because her singing was dubbed (though that was hardly Audrey’s idea!)

So I feel Thompson is being twee, mumsy, and a terrible person to slag on my Audrey!