Morning Links: Jodie Fisher Didn’t Mean to Get HP CEO Fired; Pakistani Flooding Crisis May Be Worse Than Tsunami


• The woman who accused HP CEO Mark Hurd of sexual harassment (ultimately leading to his resignation from the company) has identified herself as 50-year-old Jodie Fisher, actress/reality TV personage (film creds include Body of Influence 2) who was hired as a contracter for HP. She says she never meant to cost Hurd his job over the matter, and that they never had “an affair or intimate sexual relationship.” (He was ultimately asked to resign over expense irregularities.) Fisher’s lawyer? Gloria Allred, no less. [WSJ]

• The UN reports that the number of people suffering from floods in Pakistan may exceed the combined total in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, and the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The Pakistani government estimates that 13 million people have been affected. [Dawn]

• Joe Biden’s August vacay in Southampton has apparently included beach time, golfing, and making excuses for his playing. [NYDN]

• Mia Farrow says Naomi Campbell was psyched to get a blood diamond from Charles Taylor. [BBC]

• RIP, Patricia Neal. [CNN]

• A shooting in Harlem began after a fight broke out at a party on Sunday morning, killing one man and wounding six, including two police officers, with 50 bullets fired in toto. Four police officers fired 46 of the bullets. Police say the use of force appears to be justified. [NYT]

• The 109-year-old Willis Avenue bridge is being replaced with a new 350-foot-long span, which was floated into place today to connect Manhattan and the South Bronx. [CBS]

• There’s a parrot on the loose in Park Slope. [FIPS]