MTV Hires Twitter Jockey for $100K Per Year


We told you about MTV’s Twitter Jockey competition at the beginning of the summer — it’s a little like being a blogger, except you only have 140 characters and you make enough money to take cabs to work whenever you want. Last night, MTV hired Gabi Gregg as the company’s first-ever TJ, giving her one of the coolest jobs ever outside of Runnin’ Scared.

Gregg’s job is to engage MTV’s online audience through social media, and each of her Tweets is worth $1 if she Tweets 100,000 times a year — not too shabby, @gabifresh. We look forward to being endlessly engaged by your 140 character spouts of genius.

Judging by the Detroit-native’s plus-size fashion blog, Young Fat and Fabulous, she seems digitally likable. “I’m a fun loving girl who happens to have a flair for fashion. I’m just trying to change the world one fat girl at a time,” the ‘about’ section of her blog reads. Last night, on the live finale of ‘MTV’s TJ search, Follow Me: The Search for the First MTV TJ’, finalists participated in buzz-creation challenges, and viewers voted Gregg as the winner. She already has 9,500+ followers on @MTVTJ, and she’s been Tweeting like a champ all day, despite being caught up in press interviews and paperwork for her new job (so says her Twitter).