Pop-Tarts Pop-Up in Times Square Could Become Permanent (File Under: God Help Us)


Pop-ups are all the rage these days. Independent restaurateurs use them to gauge the temperature of a new market or to test out a new concept. Corporations resort to them as publicity stunts to garner media attention and that holiest of grails for marketers: buzz. Kellogg, which makes Pop-Tarts, is hoping to achieve this with Pop-Tarts World, a pop-up store and café opening tomorrow. The New York Times reports that it will sell some 30 chef-created menu items, including a Fluffer Butter marshmallow spread Pop-Tarts sandwich, Ants on a Log? (celery with peanut butter and chunks of Wild Grape Pop-Tarts), and Pop-Tarts Sushi (minced Pop-Tarts wrapped in a fruit roll-up).

Before you feel the chunks rise, note that all this is only temporary. For now.

M&M’s and Hershey already have stores in Times Square, which have become must-do’s on the family tourist map. Per the Times, come January, when the lease on the Pop-Tarts space is up, the company will decide whether a permanent store makes sense.

Visitors will be able to build their own Pop-Tarts, as well as create their own variety packs. This all comes after “getting frosted,” which involves being bathed in a light show meant to mimic, well, getting frosted. Now, doesn’t that sound like something you wish you could do just any old time?