Soundgarden Invent Chillwave On Unreleased Track “Black Rain”


LOL, j/k. “Black Rain” (a Badmotorfinger sessions outtake, not a brand-new track as I’d initially suspected) leaked in the aftermath of Soundgarden’s triumphant (or at least not-catastrophic, in any case) return at Lollapalooza over the weekend (setlist here, and thank god they’re still playing “Get on the Snake”) is in the same reassuring “crunching riff/mild time-signature hijinx/orgasmic Chris Cornell wailing” vein you know and love and have more reverence for than you’re probably currently willing to admit. (That setlist also includes “Mailman,” which I actually am glad they’re still playing.) Find the tune here in case that YouTube goes down; that little noodly part at the end is gonna be a bear in the Rock Band version.