Taco Bell Linked to Salmonella Outbreak; Thomas’ English Muffins Go to Court


Some people in L.A., where restaurant letter grades have existed for some time, apparently seek out eateries with a B or C grade, as that usually means great, authentic ethnic food.
[NY Daily News]

Just as Taco Bell launches its new Carnitos Tacos, the chain is being linked to two multi-state outbreaks of salmonella infections.

Restaurateur Gianfranco Sorrentino has rented the Café des Artistes space, and says the name and menu will change to reflect a southern Italian focus.
[Wall Street Journal]

In light of the Cheez Doodle’s inventor’s death, a brief history of junk food, from Tootsie Rolls, which launched in 1905, to 7-Eleven’s Big Gulp, introduced in 1976.
[NY Times]

A new Food Network show hopes to give food trucks the Jersey Shore treatment, as it follows seven food trucks on a road trip from Los Angeles to New York.
[NY Times]

Only seven people on earth know the secret to Thomas’ English Muffins’ trademark nooks and crannies, and the company is going to court to protect that secret.
[NY Times]