The Post Scares Readers with NYC’s Most Wanted Killers, Thugs, and Swindlers


Lock your doors, shut your windows, and keep pets and babies on leashes, because stone-hearted truly terrible criminals are lurking all around you, according to the New York Post. The shit-your-pants scary article, Fugitives among us, lists the most wanted criminals believed to be on the loose in our city, possibly sitting across the subway aisle, selling coffee, jaywalking, or in line for the Starbucks bathroom.

It includes Plaurent Dervishaj, “a ruthless Albanian mob boss — Public Enemy No. 1 in his homeland”; Fabio “Morenito, “a daring prowler and coldblooded killer”; “Queens-born investment banker Spiro Edward Germenis, 37, who vanished after cheating investors out of at least $8 million in a massive Ponzi scheme”, and “Nikea Thompson, wanted for the execution of an 18-year-old man inside an Inwood, Manhattan, bodega.” Senationalized descriptions? Perhaps, but the material checks out.

The article’s purpose is a variation of help-us-help-you, like Unsolved Mysteries, except that Unsolved Mysteries encompasses the whole country, therefore diluting the nightmare-inducing criminal pool. So, go on and do your part, indulge your curiosity with this set of photos and descriptions and see if you can help authorities when you’re not ratcheting up your instinctive mistrust, hostility, and misanthropy towards others, like a good New York Post reader would.

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