Watch Erykah Badu and Rick Ross Assassinate Someone in the “Window Seat Part II/Turn Me Away (Get MuNNy)” Video


Is there an odder couple in rap currently than Miami fantasist Rick Ross and the neo-soul nudist Erykah Badu? Their work together so far–“Maybach Music III,” off Ross’s Teflon Don, and this new “Window Seat” remix–has zeroed in on perhaps the one thing these two disparate characters have in common: elaborate fantasy lives. In Bossworld, that basically meant a full orchestra for “Maybach Music” (our reviewer compared the song to the scene in James Bond’s You Only Live Twice when the volcano opens up to reveal the villain’s secret lair) and Badu’s helium croon; in Erykahland, the visuals are darker but no less bizarre: pantyhose masks, gunshots, stilettos, Ross rapping about wearing clogs. None of it makes much sense. But they seem to have fun together, and Ross leaves the original “Window Seat” visual conceit alone, which is a mercy. Thank the ever-ubiquitous Dame Dash? It’s his Creative Control team that that produced the clip. [Badu World]