Worst Subway Story Ever: Woman With Prosthetic Leg Run Over By 11 Trains


Worst story of the day, here. At least, we hope it’s the worst story of the day (or week, or year), because topping this is kind of unimaginable. According to the New York Post, a 25-year-old woman named Arabell Lin, who had a prosthetic leg, was walking between the cars of a Coney Island-bound N on March 28 when she slipped and fell. The train was stopped and the conductor got out and looked under the cars — but didn’t see her and ran over her with six more cars.

Ten more trains ran over her before her body was discovered at around 3 p.m.; cops had to I.D. her via missing person reports.

There is no good way to die by subway, but this is really, unbelievably awful. And really, really unlucky, starting with the prosthetic leg.

MTA investigators determined the operator didn’t spend enough time looking for Lin, and he has since been demoted to a tower operator.

The best we can do is extract a few lessons: Don’t walk between subway cars, especially if you have a prosthetic leg or anything else that might increase your chance of falling — really high heels? A buzz on? Stay put. End up on an inhumanly stinky air-conditionless car? Not even worth it. Plug your nose and live. Please.

[via NYP]