13 Early Halloween Costume Ideas for Foodies, Their Pets, and Their Offspring


New Yorkers get widlly excited about Halloween, so here’s your early warning: Halloween is less than three months away, so you better get started thinking about your costume. Since you love to eat food, why not be food? Here are some food-themed costumes excavated on the Interweb.

1. Big Mac — Don’t be surprised if this costume makes your friends barf when they see you!

But why settle for a Big Mac when you can have the entire menu? (Note the scary arms on the dogs.) This thing must be Photoshopped, right?

2. Slice of Pizza — This costume scrunches right into the stroller and makes your baby look like a slice of pizza. O, fond parent!

3. Hot Dog — Attract foodies, but hopefully not child molesters, with this wiener costume for your kids.

4. Celery — Crunch, crunch, crunch: Make sure you walk on gravel, to produce an authentic celery sound.

5. Oyster — When you’re picking your Halloween costume, “consider the oyster,” as M.F.K. Fisher proclaims. Here we offer two, and note that the first starts with a toilet seat!

6. Cake — If you think wearing a cake costume is a drag, you’re probably right.


7. Squid — Who doesn’t like fried calamari?

8. Mustard — And let’s not forget the endless potential of condiments! Here’s a get-up that would do you and your dog proud.

9. Meat Loaf — Ha ha, you’re going to have to put up with a costume of the ’70s vocalist Meat Loaf, since a person dressed as a loaf of baked ground beef couldn’t be found — seamsters and seamstresses, get busy!

10. Mac and Cheese — You loved it as a kid, and still love it today, so why not cover yourself in it?

11. Bacon & Eggs — This costume isn’t just for breakfast anymore!

12. Unknown Foodstuff — Not sure if this is a peanut or a very ripe banana, but it sure is scary.

13. Wonder Bread — It takes a highly evolved ironic sense to dress your baby in a Wonder Bread costume.