7-Year-Old in Lemonade Bust Is Now Living the Dream, Keeping It Real


Remember adorable little Julie Murphy, the enterprising 7-year-old (and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis sufferer) in Oregon whose lemonade stand was shut down last month by big, bad, bureaucratic county health inspectors because she didn’t have a food safety license? Boo! Mean! But then a local radio station and tire company intervened and set her up in business for a day. She raked in $1838.31. Which means…she’s going to Disneyland!

Seems like it was only yesterday that Julie and her mom were being threatened with a potential $500 fine if they refused to pack up their stand. And there were tears. Now they’ve gotten apologies, health inspectors have been directed to use “professional discretion” (i.e., not be boorish idiots) in enforcing food-safety laws upon kid-run lemonade stands, a local musician/vendor is planning a “lemonade revolt” to set up “rogue lemonade stands” later in the month, and a minor-league baseball team wants to hire her to sell lemonade at one of its games.

Fame! Fortune! But, really, “She’s just ready to move on with her kid stuff,” said her mom. This girl is like the anti-Snooki. Thank God.

[via Pat’s Papers,]

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