Alleged Goggle-Smuggler Anna Fermanova Laughs at Accusations of Hot Spying


Anna Fermanova, the alleged Latvian night-goggle-smuggler, thinks the media’s far-fetched comparison of her to hot Russian spy Anna Chapman is hilarious, according to the Daily News. Let’s see, they’re both attractive Eastern European women named Anna, so there must be some sort of sisterly spy connection, right? Not really, if we are to believe an alleged hot spy. Her lawyer, Scott Palmer, said, “She laughed it off.”

Fermanova came to New York this week for her hearing in Brooklyn federal court, grabbed a bite at Blue Water Grill in Union Square, visited friends, and jetted back to Texas — just like any other American accused of smuggling high-tech night vision goggles to Russia would do while visiting the Big Apple. Nothing to see here, people, keep moving!