Can Julia Roberts Score a Comeback?


She reportedly turned down The Blind Side and The Proposal, two smashes that ended up making Sandra Bullock the hottest property in Hollywood except for the sex rehab center where her husband ended up.

But now Julia Roberts has said yes to what seems like a sure thing:

Eat Pray Love

After all, it’s based on a hit book.

It’s a fantasy story of leaving it all behind to search for soul, self, and pizza.

It has two sizzling hot hunks of men in the form of James Franco and Javier Bardem.

And it doesn’t seem to have any chick-flick competition as it opens this Friday.

On the down side, it’s two and a half hours long, and who knows yet if it’s even any good?

I hope it scores. I love my Julia.

No one can so winningly laugh and cry at the same time — except Diane Keaton.